We miss you Dad My Dad Happy Birthday Dad Dad and Sandy in NY Dad in New York Dad in Submarine Red Wagon Before Tara's Wedding Fred, Granbet, Betty, and Dad Dad Family on the Couch BBQ Dad, Frank, and Mark My Dad's Family Dog as a Child Studio Family Photo My Dad's Family Studio Family Photo Faking a Dog Attack Dad, Fred, and Peggy In the Toronto Star Our Family and both Grandmothers Family United Family and Wagon At Grandma's in Truro, NS Tennis Pose Party Time at the Cottage Dad, Tara, and Mark Dad & Adriana Dad and Newborn Adriana Family reunion Betty, Ted, Anne in Bedford, NS Passport to Bermuda and Jackie Ted's Jeep Service Little Red Wagon First Birthday Before Uncle Fred was Born High School Brush Cut To Hell (Grand Cayman) and back Dad, Mom and Statues Dad and Adriana and Baby Raking the Leaves Adriana Helps Dad with his Coat IMG_0952 wedding24 All Decked Out wedding22 Family family Discussion Adriana and Mulder look on IMG_1379 Ikea Chairs Dad and Adriana Tara and Adriana Dad and Adriana Dad and Adriana on the Bus Mom and Dad in Spain Dad and Conchi Feet to Feet Dad and Adriana Dad, Adriana, and Pablo Dad and Adriana by the Bus Walking the Dog Dad and Sandy at Niagara Falls Going for a walk Dad and Conchi Adriana and Dad Adriana and Dad Summer BBQ Cutting the Cake Niagara Falls Me, Mom and Dad on my Birthday Dad, Mark, and Tara Ready to take the plunge... Dad and Tara Dad by the water Dad Mark and frank Surfer Dude Tara's Wedding Dad and Mark Family Photo Dad making a speech 4fb9re2 Happy Couple Fred Dad and Frank Camping Mark and Dad Mark, Dad, and Frank CIMG0039

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